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ELWOMEN- “LOVE your skin”

It is a natural alternative to Hydroquinone skin bleaching products AND contains high concentrations of Alpha-Arbutin.

Unlike other products used for similar purposes, it is not as harsh on the skin. Its anti-oxidizing properties, while being beneficial for the skin, help the product to preserve its effectiveness.
It penetrates deep into the skin layers to inhibit the formation of melanin pigment.

If ELWOMEN is used regularly, you should see the improvements in a matter of 4 weeks. For some people this period can be longer or shorter, depending on their particular skin type.

ELWOMEN is effective for any skin type or tone. Oily skin might take longer to show the dramatic results.
Use twice a day on oily skin; on dry and sensitive – once a day at night. If your skin is oily, you may want to use the ELWOMEN face/body mask before the application of Skin Lightener – to exfoliate dead cells and remove oily residues.
Applying the ELWOMEN mask to the skin can dramatically turn over the skin’s cells – shedding dead and damaged skin and replacing it with new, younger softer looking skin that has a more even skin tone and more youthful look. Dark spots and uneven skin tone can still persist even with more youthful and younger looking skin. To prevent the darkening process from occurring,

Keep in mind, that even when you see an improvement, you need to avoid sun as a major factor of skin discoloration. Wear ELWOMEN sun protection products and try to cover exposed areas: use hats, long sleeves and pants, gloves.



Apply the products to fingertips and massage into skin in a circular motion.

For best results, apply a moisturizer and SPF30+ to further enhance skin lightening results and soothe and nourish skin.

Our clinical evaluations have shown that skin bleaching is not as effective as skin turnover when trying to treat discoloration of the skin. We often recommend alternatives to Hydroquinone skin bleaching creams to avoid some of the associated issues such as rebound hyper-pigmentation (where the problem rebounds and gets worse!).

The skin is treated with a Tyrosinase inhibitor to prevent the discoloration from occurring in the newly younger looking skin. This process also has the benefit of improving the look of the skin for a younger rejuvenated look, as well as to provide the evening out of the skin tone for that skin lightening effect.

Acela – “A Song of Praise” to Your Skin

It is highly recommended that everyone apply Vitamin C onto their face daily since this protects against UV induced cell damage.

Our unique combination of ingredients such as PaPa-Mt (Papain extract), and 100% pure vitamin C provides a faster and more efficient block to the formation of melanin; providing 24hr-moisturising and nourishing effect. Leaving your skin incredibly smooth and silky, exuding natural fine skin and radiance



Apply evenly on your face, gently pat to speed up absorption. Apply morning and night

SOME QUICK & IMPORTANT facts about vitamin C serums:

  • Consumer beware – not all products contain sufficient vitamin C to be of benefit. Most products on the market do not have sufficient concentration to be of benefit to the skin.
  • Many companies, keen to cash in on the market trends for antioxidants in skin care, put only small amounts in and consumers unknowingly will buy a product that will be of no benefit. Unfortunately you cannot judge from the prestige or price of the product you buy, you need to look at the concentrations.
  • Vitamin C does not work in everyone for reasons that are not yet known; Ascorbic Acid at a good concentration does not work in everyone. It may only be 70% of the population who get the age reversing benefits of vitamin C. Vitamin C, however is a potent antioxidant and you still should get the benefits of protection from UV induced cell damage even if it does not keep you looking younger.
  • Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic Acid is very expensive Vitamin C and is very unstable and difficult to get into a formulation this in part explains why ascorbic acid skin products tend to be very expensive.