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Our health and lifestyle are just some of the many factors that define the condition of our skin. A healthy lifestyle and balanced diet would help in keeping our skin and complexion healthy and radiant.

On the other hand environmental factors such as smoking, drinking and excessive exposure to life’s stresses are amongst some of the major causes of why our skin becomes damaged, coarse and flaky overtime. Other external factors such as the harmful UV rays of the sun are also responsible for damaging our skin.

But external environmental impact is not just the determining factor of how our skin looks over time. Internal factors such as hormonal imbalance are also responsible for influencing our skin. Of course we can’t completely stop our hormones, and we certainly can’t stop the sun, can we?

However, It is nice to know that our skin still has a chance to become radiant, fair and blemish free again.

The Sterling Cosmetics philosophy:

Meeting modern woman’s skin care & beauty needs by providing access to healthier, safer & environmentally sound products.



The right to European skincare standards for African & All Women of Colour
Welcome to our World. Welcome to a SAFER World